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University Specialized Hospital for Maxillofacial Surgery


The University Specialized Hospital for Maxillofacial Surgery - Sofia, is the largest specialized clinical base for surgical treatment of the face, mouth and neck diseases in Bulgaria.


Its Structure is divided into four clinical units, which are situated on 6 of the 13 floors of the Faculty of Dental Medicine - Sofia, located on "Sv. Georgi Sofiyski" Blvd.№ 1 (on the left side of the building of the Military Medical Academy)


On the ground floor the Registry, the Cancer Commission offices, the Dental laboratories and the Hospital Wardrobe are located.


On the first floor, in the lobby of the building, the Outpatient office - № 1 and the Internal Medicine Office- № 2 are located.


On the ninth floor the Hematology, Histology and Microbiology laboratories are located while the eleventh and twelfth floors are occupied by the inpatient unit (with 40 hospital beds) and on the thirteenth floor the Operating theaters and the Postoperative intensive care unit are situated.


The offices of the surgeons and the anesthetists are located correspondingly on the eleventh and thirteenth floor of the building and could be reached by the four elevators located at the end of the lobby on the first floor, after passing along the Outpatient and the Internal Medicine offices - № 1 and № 2.


The University Specialized Hospital for Maxillofacial Surgery is part of the University Hospitals of the Medical University - Sofia.



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