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Professional References

Patient References


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From : Assoc.Prof.Dr.Kiril Georgiev, MD, PhD - specialist in pediatric neurosurgery and treatment of congenital malformations, Department of Neurosurgery, University Hospital "St. John of Rila."


Reference : I support all the colleagues realizing the project - faceteam-bg and estimate highly their professionalism, enthusiasm and initiative. They work in a very delicate area of the human body, often requiring the formation of interdisciplinary surgical teams and I am very happy whenever we have the opportunity to discuss and solve together different challenges. I wish them luck!



From : Assoc.Prof.Dr.Mincho Melnicharov, MD, PhD - Head of Pediatric ENT Department, University Hospital "Queen Joanna" - Sofia


Reference : I have known Assoc.Prof.Dr.Anton Dzhorov for many years now and I have had various opportunities to treat with him complex cases of the head and neck area. I think that he is a surgeon on a European and World level and sincerely wish a great success to him and his entire team!



From : Assoc.Prof.Dr.Roman Romanski, MD, PhD - Head of Department "Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery," University Hospital "Alexandrovska" - Sofia


Reference : I'm very happy that for several years now I have the chance to work together with Dr.Nikolay Yanev over the problems of the microvascular reconstructions of the face and neck area and I'm really pleased with the opportunity to apply the most modern methods for recovery of severe deformities in this highly complex area. I hope in future to achieve many positive results together for the health and happiness of our patients.



From : Dr. Dimcho Georgiev, MD, Radiotherapy Department, Specialized Hospital for Oncology - Sofia.


Reference : Surgery and radiotherapy are the two main treatment modalities against the malignant tumors of the head and neck. I'm very pleased to see the project "faceteam-bg" realized and also the constant desire for high professionalism of my colleagues maxillofacial surgeons. I think that the interdisciplinary approach which they stand for is the key to successful solutions in many medical fields.



From : Assoc.Prof.Dr.Ventsislav Tsvetkov, MD, PhD - Head of ENT Clinic, Military Medical Academy, Sofia.


Reference : I would like to express my high appreciation of the professional qualities of Dr.Nikolay Yanev, with whom I have worked when he was part of the Department for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery of the Military Medical Academy - Sofia. I'm very happy to see the achievements of my colleagues from the Specialized Hospital for Maxillofacial Surgery and wish success to the entire project!



From : Dr. Sofia Angelova, President of the Bulgarian National Association for Prevention of Lung Diseases


Reference : It is my sincere pleasure to work together with Dr.Nikolay Yanev and his colleagues maxillofacial surgeons in the joined efforts for prevention of the diseases caused by smoking such as the lung cancer and also the very serious cancer diseases of the oral cavity. The project "faceteam-bg" must be assessed very positively because of its high professional value and its easy access performance.

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