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Maxillofacial surgery is a specialty designed to treat diseases of the face, mouth and neck. It is based on a Medical and Dental Education followed by a long period of profiled training. Due to the very difficult training process and the extremely delicate area of the human body which it treats, the specialists in maxillofacial surgery are relatively few in number, but are building one of the most prestigious surgical specialties worldwide.


The numerous diseases of the face and neck are generally divided into five major groups on a morphological basis:


Congenital deformities

Inflammatory diseases

Trauma diseases


Dento-facial and skeletal deformities of the jaws and facial bones


From anatomical point of view they could be divided also into:


Diseases of the facial and neck soft tissues

Diseases of the facial and jaw bones

Diseases of the salivary glands

Diseases of the mandibular (temporo-mandibular) joint

Diseases of the facial nerves


Based on the numerous defects resulting from the oncological, trauma and congenital diseases, in our practice we often deal with Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of the face, mouth and neck


Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of the Face, Oral Cavity and Neck


In addition, in our specialty we could note the presence of different specific areas as:


Aesthetic facial surgery

Dento-alveolar surgery


Oral Pathology


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