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Faceteam-bg and KLS Martin Group have made Bulgaria part of the leading countries in the Facial Reconstructive Surgery field



Faceteam-bg in collaboration with the world’s facial reconstructive implant systems leader KLS Martin Group, brought the highest level of facial reconstructive surgery clinical and technological achievements to Bulgaria: The real-time virtual 3D planning and patient specific guided implant implementation. The multi-step process benefits patients with advanced facial cancer and other oncology diseases invading the facial structures and also such with congenital or acquired facial deformities.

The virtual planning process begins with generation of a precise 3D head model on the KLS’ online Planning Platform from the patient’s diagnostic head scans. Following that, our team in Sofia joins the KLS Martin technical team in Tuttlingen, Germany, on an online conference meeting, during which a virtual surgery with facial tumor resection and reconstructive tissue transfer simulation is performed.

Post completion of the virtual planning and surgery simulation, there is a step-wise confirmation process and production of a real facial 3D model with reconstruction of the large surgical site. Specific guides for the bone resections are provided, together with a patient specific implant for internal fixation of the reconstructed facial tissues.

After all the components are delivered to Sofia, our team performs a complex long-hour operation for eradication of the facial oncology process and microvascular tissue autotransplantation from distant parts of the patient's body, to fully reconstruct the face.

With the implementation of these most advanced technological achievements, we are extremely pleased to offer our patients a cutting edge surgery of the 21 century, here in Bulgaria.

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