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Facial Surgery

Surgery of the face is one of the most delicate areas of Medicine and is always been committing the efforts of many physicians, who wish to understand how to protect of any harm or to heal this most precious, extremely gentle and so fragile part of the human body – our face.



Who We Are

Faceteam-bg is a project realized by team of surgeons from the University Specialized Hospital for Maxillofacial Surgery-Sofia whose primary objective is to acquire and apply in their practice the latest achievements of the modern surgery and to make every possible effort (with God’s help) to regain the health, the beauty and the smile of every single patient’s face.



Striving for Perfection

With a strong desire to maintain real and contemporary high professional level, we are members of numerous national and international professional organizations and has been developing contacts with many clinics and leading facial surgeons throughout Europe and worldwide.

At the same time, we sincerely strive to preserve and continue the successful surgical school that our teachers have built. Prof.Dr.Stanko Kirov, Prof.Dr.Konstantin Anastassov, Prof.Dr.Apostol Stratiev Prof.Dr.Nikola Polihronov, Prof.Dr.Kichka Georgieva, Prof.Dr.Ventsislav Kavrakirov, Prof.Dr.Nikola Georgiev and many others gave us their priceless experience, built and approved the maxillofacial surgery in Bulgaria and raised our specialty to such a clinical level from which it could easily follow the current developments and achieve significant success.


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